Palouse 5.29 - 6.01

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Palouse Map.png

The Palouse is a region in the Pacific Northwest comprised of southeastern Washington state, north central Idaho, and northeastern Oregon. Primarily an agricultural area, the topography of rolling hills and prairies becomes an artists dreamscape as movement of the sun creates rounded shadows and highlights that beg to be the focal point in your viewfinder.

Seize the opportunity to travel alongside professional photographers Mark Alberhasky and Layne Kennedy as they provide personalized instruction throughout the weekend - covering everything from incomparable rolling hills to the magnificent wildflowers, from distinct weathered barns to unique examples of Americana. Their ability to find creative gems in the seemingly ordinary, as well as simplify the often confusing workflow of artistic vision will provide you with unmatched insight that is certain to enhance your photographic experience for years to come.

How It Works

We will set out each day with a specific itinerary, taking advantage of the changing light and considering our subjects from all angles, but also enjoying the opportunity to be flexible, stopping along the way to appreciate the exciting surprises that make photography in a location such as this worthwhile. Our small group size will also allow for impromptu photo sessions when we are not in the field - covering a variety of topics catered to your interests, and one-on-one time available for every photographer attending. Scheduled location highlights include Steptoe Butte State Park, Palouse Falls State Park, and Kamiak Butte State Park. The workshop will run from Thursday evening until Sunday early afternoon.

Travel Details

The Holiday Inn Express in Pullman, Washington will be our base of operations. There is a discounted rate available, please inquire for details. Arrival options include commuter flights into Pullman or a 1 ½ hour drive after flying into Spokane. We ask that you arrive on Thursday, May 29 during the day. We will have a welcome and casual portfolio review that evening to discuss individual goals for the tour.

Pricing Information

$1199  includes transportation to shooting locations during the tour, park fees, and all workshop aspects including an initial portfolio review, group instruction, one-on-one time with an instructor, and in-field guidance.

To inquire click here or use the Contact or Book a Tour links at top of page.