Photozone Testimonials

"I’d like to thank you for a wonderful weekend of shooting and camaraderie in the Palouse. It was one of the most enjoyable photo treks I’ve attended. I really loved the free-flowing agenda and the ability to stop alongside the roadway for unplanned photo ops.  That’s something you just don’t have the opportunity to do with the larger, more structured treks.  I also loved that our time was spent in the field focusing on creative photography rather than attending fundamentals lectures like so many other programs.  Again, a hearty thanks!  Looking forward to what you come up with in the future."

Butch Fant,  Clarksville, TN     Palouse 2014

"Traveling with Photo Zone Tours is a very wonderful photo experience.  Although there is a definite itinerary, often decisions to stop and shoot are made while on the road, and a site is viewed from the van or bus.  Any one of us on the tour can request a location to stop and shoot. The leaders are very open to suggestions and ideas from anyone on the tour.  Nothing is etched in stone, everyone has input.  Mark and Layne offer photo advise and are totally open to suggestions and questions of any type.  The locations are great and the trips are really very well planned.  I highly recommend PhotoZone Tours for lots of great photos and fun trips."

Joel Kleiner, Roslyn, NY     Palouse 2014

"Our trip to Death Valley National Park in December 2014 was a terrific experience. Mark and Layne are fun to be with and are so passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with the group. The small group format was the best ever. The weather and lighting was challenging but we made the best of it. I enjoyed the trip and learned a great deal from everyone in the group. The arrangements were flawless and everything worked as expected. I am looking forward to my next PhotoZone Tour!"

Hal Tearse, Independence, MN     Death Valley 2014

"I recently returned from a trip to Death Valley NP with Photozonetours. It was a wonderful experience and one of the best photo tour trips I have taken. Mark Alberhasky and Layne Kennedy utilized their knowledge of the area to ensure we were in the best spot for the time of day and the available light. Their combined knowledge of photography, cameras, and shooting skills provided us with lots of information when we had questions about how to make a memorable picture from the scene in front of us. The small size of the group gave us lots of flexibility to adapt to changing weather and light as each day progressed. I can heartily recommend both Death Valley as a ‘must-see’ location and Photozonetours as photo tour leaders.”

Tom Stewart, Grand Bend, ON, Canada     Death Valley 2014

My first trek with PhotoZoneTours to Cuba turned out to be my best photo trip ever.   Mark and Layne act as a perfect tandem, sharing their knowledge, creativity and energy to all of us in their own unique way. This was a very well planned trek that allowed plenty of photo opportunities, great exchanges with local photographers, daily surprises, and even time to relax and enjoy it all. High five to PhotoZoneTours!

Suzanne Trottier, Portsmouth, NH Cuba 2015

When leaving Cuba I tried to put words together to describe our trek with friends and family. There is no "1" word that adequately frames our experience. Unbelievable, awesome, fulfilling, exhilarating, thrilling and overwhelming all fall short. It was the best trip by far either one of us have ever been on, where a group of stars lined up to make this trip so memorable. The stars are Layne, Mark, Frank, Martin and all of you who took time for the Cuba tour. The photo stops were custom designed by Layne and Mark and could not have been any better. We were sad to leave Cuba and all the friends we made during the week, but are lucky to have five others right here in the Twin Cites to continue the journey. Now we need to review our 4,500+ photos and narrow them down to share.